The Update #13 – Slow motion

by Jasper and Lonneke
11 July 2021
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First of all, we owed you an apology. Several people pointed out to us that a number of crucial parts of our story were missing in the previous update. To be exact, the sections about what we have eaten and spent. We were not aware of the fact that these are the most popular parts of our stories, however we are unable to rectify this at the moment. But, we would like to compliment some chefs from last week, namely chef Peter a.k.a. chief of the ‘bengeltjes’ and Mr Jasper Possum, because of course they deserve to be mentioned. What we ate will always remain a mystery but it was delicious. Today I may have to disappoint you again. The story is only about 4 days. But only because in the previous story you got a week and a half instead of a week, so we have to catch up again. Next week everything will be back to normal… Promise ✌?.

Okay, on to the story. We’re on the road again! In the morning we packed up the last things and did some exercise before we would start our trip to Denmark. It was 7 hours in the car, so some movement wouldn’t harm us. But after that it was really time to go, we were eager to get going. Woehoe let’s go. Everything went reasonably well and around 7 pm we were at the campspot just over the border in Denmark. We hadn’t read up on Denmark at all yet, but we know where we have to go for the boat and it’s not a very long distance so we just start at the beginning. We will go north slowly and we’ll figure it out along the way. We only have a week in Denmark so we will have to make choices, something that we normally find very difficult. It’s great to be on the road again and can’t wait for the things we’re going to discover. When we were in the Netherlands we both felt that the feeling of being on the road faded away so quickly, something that frightened us sometimes. The contrast between the Netherlands and Sweden is not really big, especially in terms of culture, so once in the Netherlands it almost didn’t feel like we had been away. But luckily we are on the road again and it felt like coming home.

Once we arrived at the campspot, we immediately prepared diner and we eat it with a beautiful view. After diner we got talking with a German gentleman and we went for a nice walk. We found a surprisingly beautiful path through a very old forest that was hidden a bit behind the houses. It is super nice to take a walk through nature after you’ve been indoors all day.

The theme in Denmark would be to take it easy. We only had a week and like I said, we had to make choices. So we might as well take it easy for once. There are still plenty of things outside of traveling that we want to do like editing the film of Sweden and working on a project that Jap and Mr. Possum have together. So we went to try that today, however we couldn’t resist going back into that beautiful forest from last night and did the same round again. Then we went to Ribe, a town that was founded somewhere in 700 and is therefore very old. Here we went to do some sight seeing and admired all the beautiful old buildings that were there. It was a nice cozy tourist village and the weather was fantastic. It was really hot in the sun. Because we want to try to have our big hot meal in the afternoon, we decided to eat a pizza and like that we could have a little bit of Italy here in Denmark. We sat in the sun and enjoyed being on the road again and discover new places. We also had a look at the Lonely planet to get a picture of Norway and decided to take the boat to Krisitansand on Thursday. After the pizza, we walked a small circle through the town and we went on our way again. We went for a short drive (2.5 hours) towards Mols Bjerge NP and found a parking space near the beach. So we relaxed on the beach, read a book, enjoyed the sun and did some sport. What do you think? Did we take it easy today? Not bad right? haha.

The next morning we woke up so close to the beach that we really had to go for a swim. And the weather was beautiful with a lovely sun and perfect temperature. Once Jap was in the water, he didn’t really want to get out and he thought that the conditions were perfect for a good SUP session. So soon after Jap was out we were back in together with the SUP. We paddled a good bit and even swam parts of it. Yes yes, even Lon went in the water and the water was perfect. Afterwards we went for a delicious lunch and we headed for a place to walk. Unfortunately, it started to get very cloudy and a heavy rain seemed to be coming in. So instead of 12 km we went for the 2.5 km walk and this turned out to be absolutely fine as the NP was not very special. We had some nice exercise and luckily no rain. Once back at the camper we found another beautiful campspot right on the water and I had seen a nice spot to park close to the water. They had already said on park4night that it could be a bit sandy and that you had to be careful not to get stuck. But of course we did hahah, a little overconfident I guess. But we knew what to do, Jap (almost completely) deflate the tires and Lon dug out the tires a bit. And then Bob had more grip and Jap managed to drive him out after slipping back and forth a few times. He parked in a better spot and we enjoyed the sound of the sea for the rest of the day. We ended the day with some boardgames that where overwhelmingly won by Lon. We probably should have gone to the casino right then to win a million ?.

Today started very rainy and we were really forced to ‘do nothing’. So Jap jumped behind the laptop to work on the Jap and Mr. Possum project and Lon dived into her book. Jap’s project had to be shared with Mr. Possum and was too big to do this over our phones so, what a bummer (haha), we had to look for a nice coffee shop. We found it in Ebeltoft, a really cute tourist town. It reminded us a bit of Zeeland. And as a bonus, not only was it dry, but there was also a lovely sun. We did what we had to do, including a delicious ice cream and drove a few beaches further. That beach was known for its beautiful limestone cliff and the fossils you could find there. As you can imagine, we had a great time again.

That’s it for this week!

Until the next! Love Jap and Lon

Menu of the week

WednesdayNasi Goreng
ThursdayPizza with Greek salad
FridayGado Gado
SaturdayAndijvie Stamppot*
*There is no English translation for this traditional dutch dish

Spendings of the Week

What/WhereCost (€)
Eating out59,34
*Part of our week was spend in The Netherlands and where not taken into account. Again our apologize for this ?


Driven kilometers: 974

  1. Jullie moeten mij toch eens uitleggen hoe dat zit met de banden deels leeg laten lopen als je vast komt te zitten in het zand. Dan heb je meer grip. Prima, maar hoe worden die banden weer op spanning? Die blazen jullie toch niet effe op? Een fietspomp lijkt me ook niet erg adequaat.

    1. Hahah, het vergt jaren lange training om het onder de knie te krijgen hoor. Die banden weer hard krijgen. Nee, zonder dollen, we gebruiken een 12v compressor. Die kan in de sigaretten aansteker. Je bent wel even bezig als ze zo leeg zijn maar met veel geduld komen ze weer op spanning.

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